At Printer For Office we can offer a variety of options to lease or rent photocopiers, printers and multifunction devices which help you to choose the most suitable solution for your business without worrying about the initial capital outlay.

This innovative leasing / renting solution is ideal for companies who need:

“To conserve cash flow and bank lines” To cut down on printing costs and accurately budget on a month-to-month basis “To rent training equipment for a short period of time “To hire equipment for specific projects ” Rent equipment for conferences or events

Short-term equipment rentals
Printer For Office saves you the time and effort of buying expensive equipment that is only needed for a short space of time. Short term leasing is ideal for training sessions, conferences, Events and temporary staff. Whether your business needs printing equipment hired for a day, week or month, Printer For Office tailor makes a solution for you and delivers accordingly.

Long-term equipment rentals
Did you know that about 70-80% of your staff probably use less than 20% of their computing power, yet you pay a premium for the idle capacity? At Printer For Office, we offer our alternative equipment at half the price of new over three years. Avoid the drama and delay of making complicated decisions on unnecessary investments and high premiums – give Printer For Office a call for the desired solution.
We understand the revolution of the business world, and the fact that it is expensive to keep replacing or upgrading your office printing equipment. Printer For Office boasts a professional on-site technical team that will assist with any maintenance on our printing equipment. We respond rapidly to your enquiry, and can assist with having simple paperwork approved within a day of completion. If you would like to know more about our printing equipment for hire, contact Printer For Office today.